Hentai Clicker Review
Click Your Way to be the Harem King

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Kinkoid released yet another title called Hentai Clicker. Like other games the company has released before, the game offers the same 2D graphic style game but has an improved mechanics and a well-written story full of comedy and sexual content. The Hentai Clicker game, which is released in 2017, offers new events and characters which the player should conquer and add to their own harem of cute and pretty girls. The game also offers Arenas and even random reward loot for a chance to win rare items and characters.

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The Game

Hentai Clicker itself is a fusion of different genres like visual novels and RPG. The main goal is to create a harem of girls which the main character will meet as he journeys on the game’s fantasy world. In this world, everything is resolved through sexual means and the character will have to compete with other guys who have their own set of harems. The Affection points which are the most important stat in the game are affected by how the player performs during sex scenes, changing sex positions and such, which will greatly affect the battle against enemies.

Main Storyline

The Hentai Clicker story line is based on a fictional world where the player adventures to create his own harem by being a sex slave to different women across the world. Even though it is a sex game, the story still contains humor and other funny antics that added to the game’s charm. As the story progresses, the main character meets other enemies and has to defeat them to continue on the game.

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Major Points of the Game



Hentai Clicker being 2D doesn’t mean that it can’t offer pretty visuals and animations. The characters in the game are all well drawn. The animations show realistic movements and are based on actual sex positions. The art and environment of the game also offer a great visual feast to the players.

Music and Ambiance


The dynamic musical scoring of the Hentai Clicker game is just another feature of Hentaiclicker. The music will change depending on what the player is currently doing and is also well selected that fits the concept of the game.



The HentaiClicker game is easy to learn and offers less skill than most games. The controls purely involve the mouse. 

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Upgrading the Harem


The harem needs experience and other items so that the player can upgrade and control the stats of the harem. This can be obtained by going into the Arena and Tower of Fame for Unique rewards. The Adventure mode is also the main method of grinding for experience. As the player progresses through the story, different other events will be unlocked automatically. These events can also offer more methods for leveling up the harem.



The harem can be formed by saving and collecting over 400 different characters that are unique from one another and each possessing their own abilities. Each character also has their own preferred sex positions.


Harem Performance

The Hentai Clicker game has 3 main modes of sex style which are Hardcore, Charm and Know-How respectively.

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Other Features of Hentai Clicker


  • Pachinko – which is basically a gacha in the game. This is where rare items and characters are found. Occasionally during events, some limited edition characters are also available in the pachinko.
  • Harem – where the player can edit and upgrade the harem through items. This is also where the stats of the harem can be seen.
  • Market – a shop in-game where basic items and upgrades are purchased.
  • Activities – where the quests and other events are found, like competitions and other missions.
  • Arena – an area where the player can choose to fight other characters for experience and upgrades.
  • Tower of Fame – the game’s primary ranking system where players and clubs compete with each other.

Is Hentai Clicker Worth Trying?

For avid adult game fans, Hentai Clicker is a must try solely because of the contents of the game that can keep one interested in the game. With compelling graphics and a nice story full of humor and adventure, the game still pretty much sticks close to its genre. Dialogues and character interactions, even the facial expressions of the characters will surely make Hentaiclicker more enjoyable.

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